records & tapes

warhen001:  Sarah White & the Pearls - Married Life 7"

Limited edition of 300 records.

90 - White (Out of Print)

210 - Black

Cover Photo - Warren Parker

Hot Tub photo - Tom Daly

Layout - Ed Merritt

Released March 2012

Side A: Married Life

Side B: ILY

Sarah White - Acoustic Guitar, Vox

Ted Pitney - Electric Guitar, Lap Steel, Vox

Michael Bishop - Bass, Vox

Stuart Gunter - Drums, Vox


Betsy Wright - Keyboards

warhen002:  Red Rattles - uh huh 7"

Side A: Uh Huh

Side B: Try To Do

             You Could Leave

Luke Nutting - Guitar, Vox

Davey Jacobs - Drums

Limited edition of 150 records on Opaque Red wax.

Photography - Warren Parker

Layout - Ed Merritt

Recorded at the Jefferson Theater July 2012 on the hottest day of the year.

Released November 2012

warhen003:  The fire tapes - skull xbones 7"

Side A: Skull XBones

Side B: Elements

Betsy Wright - Guitar, Vox

Todd Milton - Guitar, Vox

Rob Dobson - Bass, Vox

Mark McLewee - Drums

Limited edition of 150 records on Opaque Green wax.

Photography - Mary Dobson

Layout - Ed Merritt

Released November 2012

warhen00420:  Dwight Howard johnson - take anything lp

warhen006:  Sons of Bill - Bad dancer 7"

bigair001:  big air - Buds cassette

warhen005:  The Fire tapes - phantoms lp

Side A:

Vacancy To The Left

Expected Results

Safe Distance

Honest Chance

Baby, It's All Good

Side B:

Cool Waltz

Right To Sleep

Want Me Close

Suffer The Fool

Away From Me

Drew "Pop" Carroll - Guitar, Vox

Tom "Dos Cosas" Daly - Bass, Vox

Greg "Catfish" Sloan - Drums, Vox

Limited edition of 200 records on Randomly Mixed Split-Color Wax

Artwork - DHJ

Photography - Tom Daly

Layout - Sarah Webb at Cheap Date Design

Released June 2013


Side A:

Scarlett Cliffs



Floating Fires

Side B:

Skull XBones

Mind's Eye


Transmission, Receiver

Limited edition of 100 records on black wax (Out Of Print)

Betsy Wright - Guitar, Vox

Todd Milton - Guitar, Vox

Rob Dobson - Bass, Vox

Mark McLewee - Drums


Janel Leppin - Cello on Floating Fires

Recorded by Matt Wyatt & The Fire Tapes

Produced by The Fire Tapes

Mixed & Mastered by KRAMER

Artwork - Emily Sartor

Layout - Ed Merritt

Released September 2013

Side A: Bad Dancer

Side B: Higher Than Mine

Limited edition of 500 records on Opaque Red Wax (Out Of Print).

James Wilson - Guitar, Vox

Sam Wilson - Guitar, Vox

Abe Wilson - Keys, Vox

Seth Green - Bass

Todd Wellons - Drums

Engineered by Stewart Myers

Additional Engineering by Sam Wilson & Seth Green

Bad Dancer mixed by Bryce Goggin

Higher Than Mine mixed by Jim Scott

Mastered by Jeff Lipton

Assistant Mastering Engineer - Maria Rice Cover Art - Matt Pamer

Insert Layout - Ed Merritt

Screen Printed by Lane Sell

Released on Record Store Day 2013

Side A:

Cemetery With A View

Spot To Hang

Barking Dog

Take A Look

Side B:

Laughing In The Sand

Out Of This World

The Black Gate

Rob Dobson - Guitar, Vox

Greg Sloan - Drums, Vox

First Pressing - 100/green (Out Of Print)

Second Pressing - 100/white

Engineered by Mark McLewee, Warren Parker & Rob Dobson

Mixed by Rob Dobson

Mastered by Patrick Haight

Recorded in one day, July 2013, at the Jefferson Theater, 10 days into the band's existence.

Released February 2014.

WarHen007:  Wrinkle Neck Mules - I Never Thought It Would Go This Far 2xLP

Limited Edition of 300 records on Red & Yellow swirl wax.

Andy Stepanian - Guitar, Vox

Brian Gregory - Bass, Vox

Chase Heard - Banjo, Guitar, Vox

Mason Brent - Mandolin, Banjo, Pedal Steel, Guitar, Vox

Stuart Gunter - Drums, Vox


Mark Goldstein - Piano & Organ

Design by Adam Stockton

Photography by MB Celella

Produced by Wrinkle Neck Mules & Rob Evans

Engineered & Mixed by Rob Evans

Mastered by Scott Hull

WarHen008:  left & right - five year plan lp

Side A:

5 Year Plan

Age of Independence

Low Expectations

In On The Weekend

White Chip

After The Openers

Side B:


Slack Line


My Favorite Ghost

Shallow Trick

Limited to 300 copies on 150gram black wax.

Co-released with Old Flame Records

Originally released as part of the Infinity Cat Cassette Series

Engineered by Justin Pizzoferrato

Produced by Justin Pizzoferrato and Left & Right

Daniel Merchant - Guitar, Vox

Philip Dameron - Guitar, Vox

Andrew Abbot - Bass, Vox

Zak Krone - Drums

Side A:

Whistlers & Sparklers

Bury My Gold

Mustang Island

Side B:


Heaven's High

Release The Reins

Side C:


Sugar Bowl

Never Was The Bird

Side D:

Undertaker's Song

Day's Don't End

Tropical Depression

The Line's Been Drawn